From Firefight
to Fire Fight


Teal 2 sUAS, equipped with a cutting-edge Teledyne FLIR Hadron 640R thermal imaging payload, plays a crucial role in supporting fire fighting missions with its advanced capabilities, including detection and monitoring of hotspots, even in low visibility or nighttime conditions. The drone’s continuous monitoring allows early detection of potential wildfire starts, facilitating rapid response and containment measures. The Teal 2 delivers critical data that enhances the efficiency and safety of firefighting operations, making it an indispensable asset in the fight against structure and wildfires.


Disaster Assessment & Response

In the aftermath of natural disasters, such as wildfires, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes, the Teal 2 is utilized to assess the extent of the damage and plan response efforts. High-resolution aerial imagery and mapping data captured by Teal 2 can help your team identify affected areas, assess infrastructure damage, and prioritize rescue and relief efforts. 

Fire Behavior Analysis

Thermal imaging allows firefighters to observe the behavior of the fire in real-time. By analyzing the thermal data, your team can gain insights into the fire’s direction, intensity, and potential for growth. This information aids in developing effective firefighting strategies and deploying resources strategically.


Nighttime Operations

Teal 2’s advanced Teledyne FLIR Hadron 640R enables firefighters to extend their firefighting capabilities into the nighttime when visibility is limited. The system can help monitor fires and assess fire behavior during periods when traditional manned aircraft might not be operational.

Firefighting Support

By monitoring fire lines and identifying hotspots, Teal 2 can help firefighters strategize their response and allocate resources more effectively. Due to its small form factor, the Teal 2 can also assess the spread of fire in hard-to-reach areas, contributing to safer and more efficient firefighting operations.


Hazardous Material Incident Monitoring

In situations involving hazardous materials or chemical spills, Teal 2 can be deployed to assess the extent of the contamination without exposing personnel to potential risks. By providing aerial footage and data, the system enables responders to plan a safer and more targeted cleanup operation.

Hotspot Detection & Monitoring

Teal 2’s radiometric thermal payload, the Teledyne FLIR Hadron 640R, can quickly identify hotspots within a fire zone that may not be visible to the naked eye or traditional aerial surveillance. This information helps firefighters prioritize their efforts and focus on extinguishing the areas with the highest risk of spreading.