80+ MPH FPV Out of the Box

Pro-Performance FPV

First-Person-View (FPV) drones transmit a live video feed directly to your goggles. This lets you experience the joy of flight in a thrilling high-speed way. You are in complete control as you flip and spin your way through race gates or dive down the side of abandoned buildings. The Teal Sport is an all-in-one FPV drone package that offers the best of FPV brands without you having to know how to solder, build or program flight controller software.

What Kind of Pilot Are You?


Amazing Agility

All the same electronic components as the RACER, but with Team BlackSheep motors and HQ props tuned for greater endurance and silky smooth acrobatic performance; the FREESTYLE is your skateboard in the sky, with a rated speed close to 65+ MPH and around an additional minute of flight time compared to the Racer model.


Max Speed

With powerful Butter Cutter props, KISS ESCs, and Lumenier motors, the RACER can achieve speeds of 80 MPH. It’s great for racing, gates, finish lines and first place finishes. Off the line, the Teal Sport Racer is our fastest drone to date with all the features that matter the most. Your competition will never know what hit them.

We designed Teal Sport to be a dedicated FPV Racing Drone

Pro-tuned out of the box and ready to rip.