Teal 2

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The World's Smartest Drone

“It will leave almost every consumer drone eating its dust. But its appeal goes well beyond air speed.”

Tim Moynihan, Wired

“Teal is more than just another quadcopter: It’s a platform.”

Joshua Goldman, CNET

“The Teal drone is fast, customizable and powerful, which almost sounds too good to be true.”

Raymond Wong, Mashable

Powerful Drone Operating System

With the Teal SDK and NVIDIA TX1 GPU built in, Teal 2 is a flying supercomputer. And using technologies out of the box like deep learning, augmented reality, and A.I., Teal not only becomes a powerful development platform, but the easiest to use, smartest, and most fun to fly production drone ever.

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*Conceptualization. What kind of apps will you create?

Total Customizability, Complete Freedom

Teal’s extensible design and components mean it’s totally upgradable and expandable — it gets better over time.

Designed in the United States

Including only the best materials and components available, and creating ones that didn't previously exist, the fully USA based Teal Team is proud to be making the highest quality products.