Golden Eagle sUAS Platform

American-made, secure sUAS
With EO/IR, onboard computing
& advanced autonomy

Golden Eagle is an American-made sUAS designed to be applied in a variety of use cases within the Department of Defense and other Government agencies. The Golden Eagle's primary application is short-range ISR capabilities in government operations, but has been adopted by industry for managing wildlife and land, as well as infrastructure and security.

The Leading Solution: Teal's Golden Eagle

Teal’s Golden Eagle is a superior American-made sUAS platform focusing on effortless use, reliability, and extreme effectiveness. The Golden Eagle platform features.

  • Secure and encrypted communication
  • High endurance
  • Long range
  • Modular architecture
  • EO/IR imaging
  • Near-silent propulsion
  • Integrated compute platform
  • Optimized SWaP
  • Scalable design
  •  Section 848 compliance with the FY20 NDAA


Powerful CPU and GPU for real-time edge processing of computer vision and AI applications.


Vertically integrated and fully modular. Payload, propulsion, and battery systems can be quickly repaired, replaced, and upgraded.


Visual obstacle avoidance and visual inertial odometry provide GPS denied navigation and high level of autonomy.


Next generation FLIR Hadron Dual Camera EO/IR payload with dual-axis stabilization comes standard, offering surveillance grade visible imaging and high sensitivity thermal imaging.
A controller built for the field

Teal Air Control (TAC)

An advanced handheld controller built for mission critical operations.

TAC is a ruggedized, agile, American-made (with DoD compliant parts) controller with multiple radio options, and a 10-inch ice & sunlight readable display.

TAC works together with Teal’s Golden Eagle system to ensure excellent user experience for when you need visual intelligence immediately and accurately, no matter the conditions.


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