About Teal

Q.What is Teal?
A.Teal is the world’s fastest production drone. It’s also an extremely powerful computing platform that enables unlimited innovation and applications for drones.
Q.What are some examples of drone applications that the Teal could be used for?
A.Use your imagination! We are in the infancy of the broad applications that drones will be used for. From gaming and augmented reality, security and inspections, e-commerce and agriculture, to purely simplifying and automating drone flight, the opportunities are truly endless. Teal is the only drone designed to be a platform for all of these multiple uses.
Q.What applications will be available at product launch?
A.Command & Control: The main control application for Teal, integrating beginner to advanced modes, live video streaming, waypoint navigation, geofencing, media management, and our built in app store.
Follow-Me: This application will allow Teal to precisely follow a specific person or object based on advanced image recognition that is done real time, onboard the drone. This app is being co-developed with our friends at Neurala, who previously integrated their image recognition algorithms with NASA and The Air Force.
Racing: This app lets pilots race against other Teal users, record flight logs and telemetry, play challenges and win awards, and move up the leaderboard to become one of the best!


Q.How fast can Teal fly?
A.Teal can fly over 70 MPH! We’ve even reached speeds over 85 MPH in certain conditions.
Q.Isn’t it dangerous to have a drone that can fly that fast?
A.Clearly, flying any drone out of control is dangerous, and yes, a high-speed drone can sometimes be more difficult to control for an inexperienced user. For that reason, Teal is built on both the hardware side and software side to make it as safe and easy as possible to fly, while still allowing mind-blowing maneuverability and speed.  Software features include selectable Beginner to Advanced configurations, speed and pitch governing, geofencing, and our Beginner Bubble.
Q.Can I fly Teal in windy conditions?
A.Yes! Unlike other drones, Teal is incredibly stable in wind. It has been flown in winds over 40 MPH while maintaining controllable flight. While caution and judgment is always required when flying in wind, Teal can perform very well in windy conditions.
Q.What is included with Teal?
A.Your order will include Teal, two high-performance flight batteries, a powerful charger, two sets of propellers, expansion cables, and some other surprises. The Signature Series Teal will also include an Endurance Package.
Q.Will it require assembly?
A.Teal will be ready to fly right out of the box! Even the battery will be slightly charged so you can get going right away. You will just need to follow the Quick Start Guide to get flying.
Q.What is the size of Teal?
A.The diagonal motor to motor measurement is 261mm. In other words, Teal is small enough to fit in any standard backpack without disassembly.
Q.What kind of camera is built in?
A.Teal has a 13MP wide field of view camera that supports 4K video recording and 3-axis electronic stabilization. Videos and photos can be stored directly on Teal’s built in 16GB storage, or straight to a microSD card.
Q.Where can I buy replacement arms/propellers?
A.When we start shipping, you will be able to purchase additional parts through our website. We’ve designed Teal to be fully modular and easy to repair yourself.
Q.How long does Teal’s battery last?
A.Under normal usage, the included high-performance flight battery will last about 10 minutes. Yes, that’s less than some other drones; however, we favored having an extremely small, stable, and powerful drone out of the box. With two batteries included, a fast charge time of 30 minutes, and “hot swappable” capability that makes switching batteries easy, you will be able to get plenty of air time. We also have an Endurance Package available that doubles the flight time of Teal to 20 minutes. Since it’s heavier and favors efficiency, it will decrease the top speed and stability of Teal slightly.
Q.How can I check the battery level for my Teal?
A.The LEDs on the back of Teal provide battery status. Our Command & Control application also has a battery indicator. As the battery level starts to get low, you’ll be notified and will be able to select whether you’d like Teal to return to you, or just land in place.
Q.How far away can my Teal fly from me?
A.Range depends on what control method is being used. With just a mobile device over Wi-Fi, Teal can be flown up to 300 feet away. With our Wi-Fi extender (which will be available at time of shipment), range increases to about 2500ft. With an RC transmitter, your range can reach up to 2 miles away.
Q.Can Teal get wet?
A.It’s possible you’ve seen us successfully testing in the rain, and while it is fully enclosed and protected by hydrophobic mesh, it is not waterproof. We don’t support water damage, so we don’t recommend that you submerge it or fly in wet conditions. Not only will this void your warranty, but we also can’t think of why you’d want to put a drone in water…it’s meant for the skies!


Q.What makes Teal so smart?
A.Teal is powered by the NVIDIA TX1, a crazy powerful mini supercomputer. It handles machine learning, autonomous flight, image recognition, and much more with ease, onboard the drone itself. This makes Teal a flying supercomputer. You can even plug Teal into a monitor, use it like a normal computer, play games on it, and go fly when you want!
Q.Does Teal have obstacle avoidance?
A.Teal does not have standard obstacle avoidance built in. However, we are working on sense and avoid capability that functions directly through the camera that’s already integrated in Teal (via machine learning). We will offer that as a future update. We are also working on upgrade add-on modules that provide more obstacle avoidance capabilities.
Q.Will you be offering an SDK for Teal?
A.Yes, our SDK allows you to build apps that run on Teal, as well as mobile apps to communicate with Teal. We provide full access to the computing power of the TX1, as well as the ability to connect your own hardware through USB ports, so the possibilities are virtually limitless!
Q.What kinds of apps can I make for Teal?
A.What can you imagine? We’re envisioning use cases ranging from advanced autonomous flight, thermal imaging integration, search and rescue, and augmented reality. We think this is just scratching the surface, and we are excited to see the hardware and software you build for Teal!
Q.Tech Specs
A.See our tech specs page for more details.

Payments, Billing, and Shipping

Q.Where can I order Teal?
A.Teal is available exclusively on our website. Currently available only in the USA and Canada.
Q.How much does Teal cost?
A.Teal is available for $1,299.
Q.Why does Teal cost $1299?
A.We didn’t want to take any shortcuts with Teal. We’re using the highest quality parts all around and are manufacturing in the USA. Teal is also the swiss army knife of drones, so you only need one, instead of several different drones, for everything you want to do now or in the future.
Q.Why should I pre-order now?
A.Because being one of the first people to own Teal will make you the coolest kid on the block! Actually, while that’s very true, the real reason is that you will be one of the first people to experience the amazing capabilities and incredible exhilaration of flying Teal.
Q.Do I get charged immediately when I place my pre-order?
A.No, you will not be charged for your Teal until it ships — we don’t think you should pay for a product until it is in your hands! However, be aware that your credit or debit card will be authorized for the payment at the time of the pre-order, so you may see a pending charge or authorization on your card that will disappear after 7-10 days.
Q.How much does shipping cost?
A.Shipping to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada costs $20.
Q.Do you ship internationally?
A.We are currently only accepting orders from the U.S. and Canada.  We expect to add more countries in mid 2017 pending regulatory approvals.


Q.Does Teal offer a Referral Discount?
A.Yes! For every friend that buys a Teal and uses your referral code, you will receive a $50 discount. You may refer as many friends as you would like. To refer a friend, simply have them place an order through the link that you will receive in your order confirmation email that you receive after placing your order. You also will receive the link in the post-confirmation screen after you order, and you can easily share it from there via email.
Q.How can I become a Beta Tester for Teal?
A.Go ahead and send us an email at hello@tealdrones.com for more information!
Q.How do I cancel my order?
A.We can’t think of a reason you’d like to cancel…but, in the off-chance you think of one, we can help. You can cancel your order anytime prior to shipment by contacting us at hello@tealdrones.com.
Q.What is your return policy?
A.After we ship, if you are unsatisfied with your Teal you can return it to us within 30 days for a full refund. Contact us at hello@tealdrones.com to start the return process. See our Return Policy and Terms and Conditions page for more details.
Q.What is your warranty policy?
A.Teal has a one-year limited warranty. Please see our Warranty Policy for further details.