Careers / Sr Controls Engineer

Sr Controls Engineer


Contribute to the design, implementation, and enhancement of estimation and control strategies for a powerful, portable drone made in the USA. As a member of the Autonomy team, you will keep sensing and actuation working in synchrony to deliver a smooth operational experience for customers in the law enforcement, national defense, and infrastructure surveying fields.


  • Design, implement, simulate, and fly estimation and control algorithms
  • Develop and refine low level controllers for dynamical systems: electric motors, gimbal, copter
  • Interface with the flight testing and QA teams to continuously improve the flight experience

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in a STEM field plus hands-on experience with robotics and controls or Ph.D. in a STEM field plus a project related to robotics/systems controls
  • Familiarity with C++, python, and Matlab/Octave

Preferred Qualifications

  • 5+ years of experience in applied controls
  • Product development experience in a flying platform that uses the PX4 autopilot codebase integrated with ROS
  • Experience working in a team that follows agile software development methods
  • Ability to pilot quadcopters

What makes you a good fit

  • Knowledge of modern and classical control design methods
  • Experience in state estimation with Kalman filters
  • Ability to model and design controls for dynamical systems
  • Experience documenting and communicating technical analysis for a technical audience without expertise in your field
  • Self-motivated and mission-driven
  • Comfortable with design review process, both giving and receiving feedback
  • High proficiency in C++/C/python/Octave/Matlab

Application instructions